This article about IRCTC future plans to make the a better website is based on purely assumptions. The views and opinions shared here are purely mine and not by any official person of IRCTC.

We all know that IRCTC has planned for bringing a new feature on the site, where passengers can select the berth that they want at the time of ticket booking. I guess there are some complications involved with this feature. One such is, passengers who don’t care about what berth they get have higher chances of getting a confirmed ticket when compared to the passengers who choose a berth of their choice. This is because this passengers waste their time in choosing the berth.


Everyone talking about the IRCTC e wallet feature where we can transfer some money and use that cash at the time of booking the ticket. This saves a lot of time and improves the chances of ticket booking. However I didn’t find this feature and none of my friends also didn’t find it on the irctc site. It would be great if IRCTC provides such kind of service to its customers.

Currently IRCTC is not allowing tatkal ticket booking through the irctc connect mobile app. I think it should allow this feature for seamless booking of the tatkal ticket and this kind of service brings trust on the Indian railways.

Indian railways should fit GPS tracking device on the train, so that passenger relatives can know exactly where the train is. Currently when we do an Inquiry for the live location of the train, the lndian railways shows the last station that the train has crossed. With this GPS device, it would be easy to know the pinpoint location of the running train.

I know everyone has some suggestions to make our railways to become better and provide good services to the passengers.