Special Trains Run by Indian Railways

Indian railways always look for the comfort of the passengers and take appropriate steps to run special trains during peak days. Whether it is summer season or holidays, the central railway is always ahead in running some trains to provide better facility.

Here, I am going to write one of my experience which happened in the month of January on the occasion of Sankranthi festival. I always plan my journey on the fly rather than 2 months before. Because of this nature, I tried for booking Takal ticket in IRCTC website. As usual, IRCTC site was a busy and on top of it was festival season. I was not able to book a ticket. On the day of journey, I took an auto and reached the Hyderabad outskirts, where I then searched for some shared car and luckily I found one. From there I reached Vijayawada in just 3 hours 30 minutes. By the time I reached, it was 9:15PM. Then I reached the railway stations and bought a general ticket, went to the platform and waiting for the regular train.

indian railways special trains

All of a sudden, I heard announcement, that Indian railways had scheduled a special train from Vijayawada to Chennai and it will come to the platform in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the train arrived the station. I went to the guard and asked, How much time will the train take to reach Chennai, the guard said it has only few stops and wont take more than 7:30 hours. I was very happy listening to that and boarded the train. The train halted at only very few stations; Ongole, Nellore, Gudur and then finally reached Chennai.

Most of the times, I was unhappy with Indian railways because the trains always comes and reaches the stations late. But this was the first time, that the central railway made my day. I hope everyone had similar experiences and would like to see your comments.